Paint Jobs

When it’s done right, your car’s paint job enhances, rather than detracts, from its appearance. The pros at Phil Long Collision Center can give your car the show quality look it deserves.

Painting a car is a complicated process and it takes time to do it right. There are multiple coats of primer, color, and clearcoat, and it’s got to be done with the right equipment or you can wind up with substandard results.

At Phil Long Collision Center, we do it right. We have the state-of-the-art facilities, the trained technicians, and the experienced staff you need to make your repair a complete success. If needed, we start with the body repairs. Our collision service staff gets your vehicle put back together using quality parts, then makes sure it’s ready for paint.

Surface prep is key to results you’re proud of, and we don’t skimp. We carefully mask off and protect any areas that don’t need paint, then prepare the surfaces that do. Our goal is a repair that blends right in with the undamaged parts of your car, so we use computerized matching to make sure the color and finish are just right.

But our services aren’t limited to repair work. If you’re just about done with a restoration, let us finish your baby off with some beautiful paint. You’ve spent so many weekends working on that car, don’t try to save a little money by painting it yourself. It’s like cutting your own hair – it just doesn’t work out when you do it yourself, and then you have to pay someone else to fix it. Save time and frustration by starting with a paint job from the pros at Phil Long Collision Center.